Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tayo Elegbede: ‘Oga At The Top’ Craze Showed That The Nigerian Youth Is Not Ready

Oga At The Top’ Craze Showed That The Nigerian Youth Is Not Ready

Oga at the top
By Tayo Elegbede
The recent turn of events in Nigeria has largely exposed the composition, interest and uniqueness of the Nigerian youths. While some of these activities spurred the exhibition of incredible instant creativity, others have revealed the high disinterest of the Nigerian Youth populace in germane issues that are critical to their now and future.
On the account of the supposed hilarious disposition and responses of the Lagos NSCDC Boss while on an interview on Channels Television, the Nigerian social media space has for over two weeks witnessed the buzz of #MyOgaAtTheTop. Needless to highlight the chain of reactions being witnessed in the real world, where Video games, T-Shirts, Home Movies, Wrist Watches, all streamed out with the insignia of #MyOgaAtTheTop. These stream of spontaneous creative reaction from the youths is quite impressive, at least for sparking a huge sense of humour and relaxation in the ever heated Nigerian polity.
While the social media space was agog with this trend, there camethe news of the presidential pardon granted to some Nigerians who according to the recommendations of the National Council of State deserve the pardon-a development which has continued to amaze every right thinking Nigerian and its lovers in the diaspora. However, the focus of this engagement is not to analyze the presidential pardon but to situate the Nigerian youth in all of these unfolding drama.
In high expectation, I looked out for a swift shift from the hilarious and unproductive trend of #MyOgaAtTheTop to productive engagement of the government especially by the youths on the presidential support on corruption, the rising rate of insecurity in the country, massive unemployment in the face of government job creation claims, dwindling economic fortune, amongst other crucial issues to the existence and survival of the Nigerian Youth. But disappointedly, the Nigerian Youths saw no reason in engaging the powers that be.
It is unfortunate, that the Nigerian Youth has found a comfortable corner in the feel good society such that he cannot think and act through on critical socioeconomic affairs that directly or indirectly affect him both now and in the future. He prefers to run his mouth on Facebook, Twitter, 2go, BBM…on frivolous and unproductive matters, rather than understand state policies, programmes and actions and engage the process even through the social media platform for nationalistic gains.
As a socially conscious Nigerian youth, I have come to realise how much I have paid and perhaps still paying for the mindless looting of public treasury by ex and serving public officials, high-level of corruption which has resulted in socio-economic disaster, infrastructural deficit culminating in unnecessary loss of lives and property, lack of basic social amenities, denial of a better today and the hope of a hopeless tomorrow. This is the unfortunate reality of our
Nigerian society.
I often wonder, why for so long the Nigerian Youth has not come to realise that the smallest of decisions made in Aso Rock or his immediate community will have a large impact on his pattern of existence and even those generations to come, that we, the almost 70% of the nation’s population are always the worse hit of any unfavorable policy, yet we refuse to speak up when necessary, that the stolen public funds are meant to better our lives and those of our children, that the misappropriated money will impede our national development. We forget that world over, social transformations are driven by the youth, yet we are left out in planning and policies. That we hold the solution to this country’s numerous challenges.
Realisation brings about clarity of thought and direction. Until the Nigerian Youth realises that he bears the solution to the many challenges confronting this country, I am afraid, we will continually revolve in this circle of misdemeanor. A revolution of mind is key inchanging our nation. You cannot change the world, until you change yourself. Values are a missing ingredient in this dispensation. We need young people of virtue and values, morality and competence, vision and excellence.
Dear Nigeria Youth! We cannot attain any national success, except we get off the feel good society and face the reality that our great nation, Nigeria, is sinking off to an unredeemable point in the hands of the men of today perhaps yesterday, who are presenting us with a future packed with hopelessness, emptiness, shame and disgrace. YOU and I have a significant role to play.
Be interested in social issues, because they affect all and sundry. Engage policies, programmes and actions. Join productive movements and discussions online and offline. Appreciate, promote and possess values and virtues. Be a patriotic citizen with the hope that our collective progressive efforts will produce a new, greater and better NIGERIA.

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