Thursday, 14 February 2013

Olaotan Fawehinmi: The 14 Days Of Valentine

The 14 Days Of Valentine

Chris Brown
On the 1st day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A knife, A gun and A rope
She said: “Choose one and let me die to prove my Love to you”
I said: “Well, good idea. But I’d rather have you live to love me than die to prove it. More so that one man already died for us all”
On the 2nd day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A glass full of Water
She said: “Will you love me with all transparency, clarity and purity?”
Then I said: “Know you not that about 60% of the human body is water? The brain is 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Even about 83% of our blood is water. On the list of what I really need to survive, the item “YOU” is a top shot that does not struggle to make the top spot.”
On the 3rd day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
Decanter of New Wine
She said: “True Love is ever fresh and sweet, always presentable and pleasurable”
I said: “Thank you for the opportunity to get high. Like Eve gave Adam the fruit and he did eat, you have given me this wine and I will drink. But when my eyes are dim and I suddenly realize I am clothed. And I hear a Voice in the garden saying ‘Olaotan, Olaotan, where are you?’ I will reply with a loud cry, ‘Here I am, soaring in the sky. For it is the woman you gave me that blows the wind on which I spread my wings to fly”
On the 4th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Picture of a Diamond
She Said: “If my price is the highest among precious stones, would you be willing to break rocks, dig deep and give all it takes to find me?”
I said: “What is precious in a stone if it can be found on the road? I have had to ask, before I was given a good thing. I sought and His favour I found. Now I knock, so come open on to me.
On the 5th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Key
She said: “Take! Unlock me and come in with no shoes on. How lovely on the mountain are the feet of him who brings true love. Howbeit this kind opens not but by possessing the key”
I said to her: “With you I see no door but a wall: and I will build upon it a palace of silver. I have washed my feet and they will not be defiled. I have found one whom my soul loves: I will hold you, and would not let go, until I have brought you into my mother’s house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.”
On the 6th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
An Alabaster Jar of Costly Perfumed Ointment
She said: “At your feet I will break it and anoint your head”
But I had indignation within myself, and said, why will this waste of the ointment be made? For it might be sold for much, and given to the poor.
And she said, “I live to do a good work on you. How much could ever be too much in honour of my prince?”
Then it occurred to me that though she was born in the 20th Century, her values sure dates back to that of Sarah who obeyed Abraham and called him Lord, Ruth who kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to glean unto the end of harvest, Esther who saved the king and her own people from the wickedness of Haman and his house, and Mary who let it be unto her according to His Word.
Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever my name shall be mentioned throughout the whole world, this also that she has done shall be spoken of for her praise.
On the 7th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Permanent Marker
She Said: “You are a prolific writer and a great teacher. Write and inscribe upon my heart your laws, the truth that cannot be erased; and let me savour the virtue that comes from you to enrich my own life too”
And I handed the Marker over to God and asked to be taught that I may teach and be led that I may lead. For which man can give what he does not have?
On the 8th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Rod
She said: “I am human and imperfect. When I make mistakes, correct me with your right hand and embrace me with the left. Gently lead me on the path to knowing you more. For it is whom the Father loves he chastises”
I said: “It has been said that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. So we will keep this for the child(ren). It will be unto them of correction.
On the 9th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
An Egg
She said: “Just like the chicken is involved in the business of making eggs. Be part of all that concerns me. Handle me with care and respect; inside me is a life; waiting to be nurtured, to develop and hatch”
Then I said: “The fragility of an egg is a strength. It is only meant to remain there until the life within is strong enough to face the world. So come up yonder. There’s more…”
On the 10th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Bacon
She said: “Being involved is good, but being committed is much better. She said just like a pig in the business of making bacon, be committed to loving me, even as I am to you”
Then at this point I shouted “ENOUGH”. I will do all that you have said but send me nothing more until I have been to your inner room and showed you the strength I profess.
On the 11th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Watch
She said: “The day draws near that all torments of need will be quenched. Be patient with me – my curtain and door is worth waiting for”
I said: “It may be hard but I have learnt that patience is such a vital key and I have waited through so many storms until it seems a part of me. So every night before I close my eyes, I say a prayer instead into the sky, that my lot shall no other man take away and I shall eat the fruit I have earnestly waited for.
On the 12th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Basket full of Fruits
Then I burst into laughter and said: “I wasn’t referring to these kinds of fruits”
And she said: “I know but this is a symbol of my fruitfulness and sweetness; a sign of my heart’s delight to do you good all the days of your life. To turn your seeds into forests, your house into a home, your legacy in a dynasty, and your dynasty into an inheritance.”
On the 13th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Book
She said: “Just as you should never judge this by its cover, open a fresh page of me each day. Use the marker I sent you on the 7th day to make notes on every page when you read through and tell me more than I already know…”
Then I said: “Knowledge empowers. And I am not an Island. I love to read of you and learn; as I learn from the best when I learn from you”
On the 14th day of Valentine, my true love sent to me
A Cutlass and A Hoe
She said: “I am a Garden; your own Garden of Eden planted and given to you by God to cultivate, till, tend, weed, water, dress, and keep. Sow your seeds in me and I will bear them and nurture them into great trees; pleasing to the eyes from a thousand miles, protecting with shades from the sun’s angry smiles and providing food for the hungry and seeds to the sower”
And there went my heart, skipping many beats; leaving me speechless and breathless. I could only manage to muddle four words out of my mouth; as that was all that was left in my brain. So I looked at her straight in the eyes and stuttered: “Will You Marry Me?”

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